Computer Equipment

Computers: to buy or to lease your equipment

Given that computer equipment will likely be one of your largest office expenses, you'll want to investigate several options before you make a purchase. To ensure that you get the best value for your money, define your budget and specific business needs: lease or buy computer equipment that's right for you rather than just the best equipment out there.

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Computer Equipment for the Office

There are many decisions to make when you are choosing your office computer equipment. For instance, should you choose the mobility of laptops over the value and adaptability of desktop computers? How about flat screen computer monitors to free up desk space? Will you need computer equipment racks to house your servers? Think about the arrangement of your office and what your business tasks will be, and stick to that.

There are many places to buy computer equipment, and each has its own advantages. A computer supply store will provide a support system and a personal relationship, but if your priority is to save money on custom systems, look around online to find competitive prices from reputable brands. Wholesale computer equipment is another great option for budget-minded shoppers, as wholesalers may provide free shipping and daily specials in addition to a great purchase price.

Finally, used computer equipment can save you quite a bit of money on quality computer brands. However, be sure to investigate the history of the equipment, how and why it has been refurbished and how adaptable the system will be to new software.

Computer Equipment Rental

These days, a computer equipment lease is a popular alternative to an expensive purchase. A small business may find that computer equipment rental is the best way to keep up with ever-changing computer technology, without dishing out too much money up-front. Furthermore, the demand for rental equipment has resulted in a wide selection and competitive pricing—you can find everything from towers to printers that come with affordable monthly payments that will help you budget effectively.

A great advantage of leasing a computer is that when the lease is up, you can switch to new equipment with up-to-date technology. However, you will be stuck with your equipment for the duration of the lease, so be sure you know all of the details about maintenance, insurance and support before you agree to the terms of the lease.