Computer Keyboards

The best type of computer keyboard for you

Traditional rectangular computer keyboards are giving way to new, ergonomically designed keyboards that put the comfort of the user in the computer design. A keyboard is one of the easiest pieces of computer hardware to upgrade, and once you experience the convenience of a wireless keyboard or how an ergonomic keyboard can alleviate wrist pain, you'll wonder why you didn't upgrade sooner.

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Ergonomic Keyboards

Whether you use a conventional keyboard or a modern model, the keys will generally be the same shape and size, and they'll be placed in similar sequences. The most popular pattern of the keys on PC keyboards is known as the QWERTY layout, but you can also find keyboards that separate the vowels from consonants or slightly alter the QWERTY model to conform to a specific language.

An ergonomic keyboard will feature all of the keys of a traditional keyboard, but often in very different spatial arrangements. In order to reduce repetitive stress on the hands and wrists, some ergonomic keyboards feature two separate halves that meet at an angle to keep the hands in a more natural position. On some of the most recent models, the panels of keys sit perpendicular to the base of the board, or even on the armrests of the desk chair. If an ergonomic keyboard sounds like a solution to your work troubles, be sure to try out several different types; what is ergonomic for one person may be awkward for the next.

Wireless Keyboards

Some ergonomic keyboards sacrifice portability for comfort; if mobility and flexibility are priorities, consider one of the many styles of wireless computer keyboards that are available. Many wireless keyboards can be rolled up, projected or easily tucked away for those who travel with their work. If you travel, you will also want to avoid the mess of USB cables that can add up quickly; a wireless keyboard is a great way to reduce that tangle of cables.

The need for USB outlets is on the rise as portable devices continue to grow in popularity. Laptops and desktop computers often have more than one outlet, but you can find USB keyboards that eliminate the need to use the ports in the computer tower. Not only will this feature come in handy when your mp3 player needs a quick charge, but if there is a fair distance between your wireless keyboard and the computer, a USB port in the keyboard will be necessary for your computer mouse to function.