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Advice about computer mice

With the modern computer came the need to interact with the information on the screen, and so the computer mouse was born. These little plastic devices once nestled snugly under the palms of hands, but they have recently morphed into stress-relieving (and often bizarre-looking) instruments. Learn about the features of modern computer mice to help you choose one that is both functional and comfortable to use.

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The Optical Mouse

Early computer mouse devices functioned with either small wheels or a tracking ball, and the friction between the mouse and the desk surface often caused inaccurate readings. Computer mouse pads provide necessary traction for the mechanical mouse, and they protect the desk surface from scratches. The need for mouse pads began to decrease as the mechanical computer mouse evolved into the optical mouse, which uses a small camera to interpret movement and direction.

One great advantage to the optical mouse is that there is no mouse ball to keep clean—a conventional mechanical mouse would need regular maintenance to prevent the build-up of dirt and grime. And a wireless optical mouse will eliminate the need for pesky USB cables in addition to special cleaning tools.

The Ergonomic Computer Mouse

Although you can still find conventional computer mice with two buttons at the front end and a rounded, horizontal body, the ergonomic movement has introduced a variety of unconventional designs. If you deal with wrist and hand discomfort when you work on your computer, the best computer mouse for you may be an ergonomic model.

The ergonomic computer mouse can take the form of a vertical lever to a foot pedal and everything in between. If you are looking for something that has a comfortable grip but a traditional design, consider a conventionally optical mouse with a supple coating and a contoured body. However, if you are nursing a wrist injury, or are worried about developing one, you might want to try one of the vertical mouse handles that claim to keep your wrist and hand in a very natural position while you work.

Everything from pain relief to increased productivity has been linked to ergonomically designed computer accessories, but these advanced designs typically come at a far greater cost than the traditional optical mouse. Ensure that an ergonomic mouse will solve your computer troubles by testing some different models before you buy.