Laptop Computers

Find a laptop that fits your life

If you plan on taking your work around with you, then you will need a laptop. Laptop computers are primarily designed to be light and portable, yet as functional as a desk top computer. Each laptop will have a display, a keyboard, a touchpad and a battery. The adaptability, updating capacity and range of features in each model can differ greatly, so you'll find a wide variety of business laptops that can work for your company.

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Types of Laptops

Although laptops were created with mobility in mind, the original models were rather heavy, cumbersome devices. However, there are some traditional elements that have survived into the new age of slim, sleek and powerful laptops. For instance, the traditional folding design of the laptop computer helps to protect the screen from damage while storing the keyboard next to it—this helps to keep the machine looking brand new and functioning well. However, the recently developed laptop tablet PC has eliminated the physical keyboard and reduced laptops to computer monitors with touch-screen capabilities.

The tablet PC can come in a few different forms. A booklet PC is a dual-screen tablet computer that folds open like a traditional laptop. It has a variety of applications and the screens are operated through the use of a stylus. On the other hand, slate tablet PCs have no dedicated keyboard and have been quite popular for health care and field work, given their succinct, convenient design. Within the bounds of the booklet and the slate lay many other versions of the tablet PC, so thoroughly investigate the available models before deciding on one that would best suit your business.

In order to decide whether a traditionally designed laptop or a tablet PC is the best choice for you, first determine how rugged, powerful or mobile you need the computer to be. If your job will expose the computer to extreme weather or rugged environments, the sleek convenience of a tablet PC may not be an option. You will also need to consider the amount of data storage that you will need—a hardy laptop may be bigger, but it will also help you do your job better.

Top Laptop Brands

The lightweight, slim design of the Macbook has charmed many consumers with its compact power. In fact, the battery life of a Macbook can be double that of another laptop brand and the brilliant colors of the display screen attract many people who work with graphic design or photography. The high degree of functionality and power means that these are not cheap laptops, so you may want to look into a more modest version for your business needs. There are some cheaper laptops available, and you can find a good deal if you take some time to compare reviews and features.