Produce flawless documents with the perfect office printer

Printers are a staple in most businesses, but they're also a great addition to homes and home offices. Having a printer on hand can help you stay current on your files, keep better records or print off your favorite photos.

There are a lot of printer options out there, so it's best to do a little research into the different types and models before you make a purchase.

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Types of Printers

Before you get into brands, you should first decide the type of printer you're interested in. The two most common types for everyday document printing are laser printers and inkjet printers. You can also find specialty printers if you have a specific job in mind, such as photo printers, banking printers, label printers and more.

All-In-One Printers

If you're looking for the most bang for your buck, you can't beat an all-in-one-printer. These printers don't just print, they also scan, copy and fax, which means you have four devices in one. They're the perfect home office printer, but many businesses use them as well, especially when space is limited. For the everyday user, they function just as well as any standalone device, though they may not come with as many sophisticated features. Many are equipped to print photos as well as documents.

Top Brand Names in Printers

When it comes to buying a printer, it's usually best to choose a reputable brand name. Three of the top printer brands are:

  • Canon printers. A Canon printer is a great choice for people who want to print pictures as well as documents. Canon is a leading name in the photography industry and their printers are just as reputable as their cameras.
  • Hewlett Packard printers. Many people choose a Hewlett Packard printer for their home office, but the company is also known for producing great printers for businesses, small and large alike. They can be a little more expensive than some brands, particularly when it comes to buying replacement printer ink, but usually their quality is worth the extra price.
  • Epson printers. Epson has been one of the most popular printer brands over the years, and are primarily noted for their affordability. There is an Epson printer for every price point, so you can balance your budget against the features you want. 
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