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Keep everything in its place with a label maker

While it is possible to print labels with your current printer and special label paper, if you use a lot of labels for your business it may be easier to invest in a dedicated black-and-white or color label printer. They can help expedite your shipping processes, keep you on top of filing or simply help you keep merchandise organized.

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While the terms label printer and label maker are often used interchangeably, technically there are small differences between the two. Label makers typically use tape for printing (flat or embossed) and have a keypad on the device itself. They also generally print narrower labels. While some label printers do have a keypad, most integrate with computer programs like Microsoft Word so you can print labels you design on your computer. Label printers are also generally used for larger labels, such as those used in shipping.

Tips for Label Printing

Getting your labels right the first time can help you save on money, and more importantly, on frustration. Try these tips to print good labels every time:

  • Use good quality label paper. Cheap label paper can be difficult to remove from its backing; alternatively, it may have bad adhesive that causes it to peel off too quickly.
  • Load paper correctly. Label paper can sometimes be difficult to load, so be sure you follow the loading directions carefully. Test it out first before you begin printing your labels, to ensure the feed is working and isn't jammed.
  • Keep your design simple. Most label printers aren't incredibly sophisticated, so for a cleaner look, it's best to keep your label design simple. Also make sure you leave enough white space in the design to keep the writing legible and designs clear.

Top Label Printer Brands

There are many great label printing or label making devices for your retail business on the market, but three of the top ones include:

  • Zebra label printer. Zebra thermal labels are known to be of the highest quality and are some of the longest lasting labels available. Zebra also has a great reputation for its top-quality bar code printers.
  • Brother label printer. Brother label printers offer great price range diversity without compromising quality, so you can find a device that suits your budget. (The Brother label maker is also a consumer-friendly product.)
  • Dymo label printer. Dymo label printers are known for their ease of use and the variety of different labels they can print. They're also one of the fastest label printers on the market.
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