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Everyone who has worked in a modern office is familiar with PBX phone systems, even if they haven't heard that term. A PBX, or private branch exchange, is an internal telephone network with extensions for users' telephones, fax machines and modems. Originally PBXs were operated manually through a switchboard. Now, of course, most are automated. In fact, hosted PBX phone systems make private telephone exchanges affordable even for small businesses. The hardware and software for the system is maintained off-site, and the customer merely subscribes to the service.

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The quality and reliability of your communications technologies is determined by the business phone service you select. This is especially true when you're working with a multi-line phone or a voice mail system. The more options you add to your phone service, the more vulnerable you are to technical difficulties and the more important a trustworthy service provider.

Business Phone Line Features

The first issue you have to address is what types of services you want to add to your business phone lines. There are several options available, including: auto answer/auto reception, call forwarding, call history, call record, call transfer, call waiting, caller ID, custom greetings, fax machine capabilities, message notification, music/message-on-hold, name directory, toll-free business phone number, virtual extensions, voice mail and voice mail manager.

Many business phone service providers offer package deals that can cater to your needs. How many different services you need will depend on the type of business you're conducting, the size of your organization, and the frequency with which you're dealing with people outside of your office.

Voice Mail Software

Regardless of the size or type of organization you're running, voice mail software is an essential part of any business telephone system. In today's office, it's impossible to expect your employees to be constantly available to take calls; however, your customers and associates will expect to be able to contact you almost all the time! Voice mail systems are a lifesaver for the busy professional.

The voice mail system you choose can be as simple or as advanced as your needs dictate. The most basic voice mail software allows you to customize messages, forward calls and provide your callers with options as to how to leave a message. Most basic business voice mail software also offers callers the opportunity to redirect their own call to another extension or to a receptionist.

More advanced systems will include all the basics, but also provide a more interactive experience for the caller, with call routing, touchtone or voice-activated menus, and hold music or messages that can be chosen by the listener.

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