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Cell phones are the business person's lifeline when it comes to staying connected with both clients and coworkers. In today's business world it's impossible to expect to be sitting at your desk from 9 to 5, and most people expect their contacts to be available at almost any hour. Many people use their cell phone as their primary contact number and may not even have a land line business phone service. Since your cell phone may be the only way your contacts can reach you, it's important to find a cell phone service that offers flexible rates, reliable cell phone coverage and a variety of hardware.

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Cell Phone Plans

Whether you're looking for personal or professional cell phone service, cell phone providers offer a number of options to help you find the right cell phone plan. The first choice to make is between a prepaid cell phone and a monthly cell phone plan.

Prepaid cell phone service is when you buy time (often online or in the form of a phone card) when you need it. Prepaid cell phones are great for people who don't use their cell phones for a lot of long distance calling or who can't predict the amount of use they will get out of their phones. The flexibility offered by this type of cell phone service is great because you only pay for what you use.

A monthly cell phone plan can save you money when you're a frequent phone user or when you're using an international cell phone. With a plan, you can choose the features that are most important to you, and you can typically select a minute plan that allows you to pay less when you're using more time on the phone.


While the plan you choose will determine how much you're spending on your cell phone each month, the handset you choose determines what you can do with your cell phone. You can opt for a simple handset that allows you to call or text, or you can go with Smartphones that offer Internet and data plans and video cell phone capabilities. Your phone selection should be based on elements such as, price, battery life, talk time, keyboard and screen size.