The top PDAs to make your life easier

PDAs (personal digital assistants) are the high-tech and handy alternative to carrying around a traditional pen-and-paper datebook. They can be crammed full of the latest software in order to make all your office tools completely portable.

The great thing about PDAs is the variety available. You can choose to go as simple or as advanced as you want, and there are tons of options out there for cheap PDAs.

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While some people combine their PDA capabilities with their Smartphones, there are a number of benefits to keeping your handheld PDA separate from your phone. The convenience of being able to talk on the phone while you're perusing your datebook, surfing the Internet or updating your files makes handheld PDAs a vital business tool.

Top PDAs

When you're shopping for wireless PDAs, there are hundreds of options. You can choose to go with a device that focuses on day planning or you can find a handset that offers the same types of options as a personal computer. Some of the top PDA manufacturers on the market include:

  • HP. With a strong focus on the business user, HP, while on the pricier end of the PDA market, offers important features such as enhanced security, Internet access and reliable wireless service.
  • Palm. Probably the most well-known company on the PDA market, Palm offers a number of different options in almost any price range. Palm is most famous for its focus on organization and time management, but the latest models also feature Internet options and a myriad of entertainment applications, including games and video.
  • Pharos. Combining PDA and GPS technology is the Pharos claim to fame. Pharos PDAs also feature a long battery life and Wi-Fi capabilities.

PDA Accessories

Like cell phones, PDA manufacturers offer a number of accessories to personalize your device and help fill all your business needs. Great PDA accessories you can choose from include battery docks, Bluetooth devices, car chargers, dash mounts, digital memory, digital stylus, external antennas, GPS attachments, graphic tablets, multimedia projector, PDA covers, tablet pens, travel kits and USB adapters.