Keep in touch with a BlackBerry phone

Smartphones are the latest necessity for the businessperson, and the most popular name in Smartphones is the BlackBerry. With several models available, including the popular BlackBerry Pearl and the BlackBerry Curve, the BlackBerry phone can be seen in the pockets of CEOs and salespeople alike. Like all cell phones, Smartphones come with a variety of options in both software and hardware.

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BlackBerry Software

BlackBerry became the premier name in business-friendly Smartphones because of the software that accompanies the phone. Waterloo, Ontario–based Research in Motion (RIM) stormed onto the cell phone market with the BlackBerry by promoting the product as the perfect business solution that allows you to combine the features of a cell phone, PDA and laptop in one small handset.

In comparison to its closest competitor, the Apple iPhone, BlackBerry software focuses on the needs of the busy businessperson. While the iPhone offers thousands of applications that allow users to create music videos and play video games, the BlackBerry provides the ability to connect to your office computer or download common office programs such as Word and Excel.

There are over 200 business-focused applications available. Some of the most popular BlackBerry business applications include: call tracker, connect to shipping, file transfer, flight mode, maps, "Beat the Traffic" GPS, Microsoft Office Suite, mileage tracking and money log book.

BlackBerry Accessories

Cool software and helpful applications are not the only important business accessories for your BlackBerry. The number of BlackBerry accessories available has exploded in the past year. These accessories vary from cute (charms to attach to your phone) to critical (car chargers to keep your battery at full power).

Your cell phone accessories can change the way you use your phone. Some of the most convenient include:

  • Bluetooth headsets. Most states and provinces now have cell phone driving laws that prohibit you from using a handset while driving. A Bluetooth headset is the perfect accessory for your BlackBerry, so you can safely address all those important calls while you're on the road.
  • Car chargers. Your BlackBerry is useless if the battery is dead, so a car charger is the perfect accessory to keep you at full power no matter where you are.
  • Cases. Everyone has dropped a cell phone or two! Avoid cracked screens, scratched handsets, or damaged keyboards by protecting your BlackBerry with a case. Cases can be stylish or simple, hard or soft, and come in any number of colors to suit your mood.