Duplicate documents easily with a quality office copier

Making photocopies can be time-consuming and frustrating, unless you have the proper office copier. When you're shopping for a photo copier, you should pay attention to the different options available and how you plan to use your copy machine. Copiers come in a variety of price ranges and with a variety of accessories and uses.

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Your primary consideration when purchasing a copy machine is the volume you expect to produce. Many small businesses can get away with relying on a three-in-one printer that functions as a printer, scanner and copier. Another convenient combo is the copier fax machine that allows you to photocopy and forward the document through a fax at the same time. If you plan on making a lot of copies, though, or if copying is a daily activity in your office, you may want to purchase a machine that is primarily a photocopier and can handle large volumes of printing.

The Right Office Copier

Combo copiers are really convenient for any office. A photocopier that also has the capabilities of a computer printer, scanner or a fax machine makes for fewer trips around the office. At the same time, though, most of these combo machines are ill-equipped for high volumes of photocopying. The ink and toner cartridges are smaller and unable to produce a large number of copies. It's also easy to get confused if the copier is linked to a network and several people are using it for different jobs. In this case, it may be easier to have a separate printer, fax machine, scanner and photocopier.

Your Office Network

The most important aspect of an office photocopier is its ability to be connected to a network. This means that everyone can access the copier from their computer in order to print and copy at the same time. It's also important that, if connecting your copier to a network, you choose a printer that is compatible with the size of your work force. Some copiers have features that allow jobs to be printed into separate trays depending on who the copies are for, or to be scheduled for later printing in order to avoid a line up at the machine. Take into consideration the needs of your employees before you commit to the expense of a photocopier.