Fax Machines

Find an office fax machine to suit your business needs

Many businesses combine their office fax machine with other document management tools such as printers, scanners and photocopiers. Printing documents and sharing information is easy with a fax copy machine, or a computer fax machine that allows you to print and fax directly from your PC.

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Fax machines come in a number of different styles offering a variety of options, including:

  • Black and white printing
  • Color printing
  • Copying capabilities
  • Direct from computer fax
  • E-mail
  • Incoming document management including sorting, collating and stapling
  • Multi business phone lines
  • Network connection
  • Reduction and enlargement
  • Send schedule

While e-mail has quickly taken over the fax in today's business world, an office fax machine can still play a vital role in your business communications.

Brother Fax Machine

When you choose a Brother fax machine, you're purchasing an established product with a great reputation. Brother offers a number of different products and accessories for all your office communications needs with a range of prices that can fit the budget of even the smallest home office.

When you're choosing a fax machine, you don't want to just look at the initial price of the machine. You also need to look into the costs of running and maintaining the fax, such as paper, ink and toner prices, as well as maintenance costs. Brother fax machines are notable for their low toner consumption, and the company is known for its reliability, offering technical support for all of its products both online and over the phone.

HP Fax Machine

HP divides its products into home/home office and business categories, so it's easy to shop for the HP fax machine that's right for your needs. Their fax machine line includes offerings under $100, which makes buying a fax machine less daunting. At the same time, even their least expensive offerings guarantee speed and efficiency, as well as low maintenance and supply costs.

HP fax machines are best known for their speed and usability. Transmissions typically only take about three seconds per page, and the user interface is clear and simple to understand. Even your most technologically unaware employees will find these machines a breeze!