Presentation Equipment

Highlight your ideas with a laser pointer

That big presentation can make or break your chances for working your way up the corporate ladder! It's important to have the right presentation equipment to make your production memorable. PowerPoint presentations are standard for most meetings these days, but you can up your showmanship with a few simple accessories.

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Laser Pointer

A laser pointer is a great tool to highlight your ideas as you're making your pitch. You can easily customize your presentation by alternating colors (the most common include a green laser pointer and a blue laser pointer) but the important part is that you can use a visible laser beam pointer to direct your audience's attention where you want. When your crowd will typically just stare at you or your projection screen, you can use the laser pointer to highlight particular points of your presentation, or to draw attention to other areas of the room.

You can also combine your presentation equipment to create a PowerPoint presentation laser pointer that allows you to move between slides, highlight important points and point your audience's eyes to key notes and images within your presentation. This is especially important when you're working a large room and don't have the opportunity to make eye contact with everyone in the audience. The great part is, these types of presentation accessories are really affordable. There's no need to break the petty cash bank when you can find a cheap laser pointer to do the job.

You don't even have to use PowerPoint when you have a laser pointer. This is a useful tool for guiding people through your presentation, whether it's on a multimedia projector or a simple dry erase board.

Technology at Work

Making the big pitch has never been easier, as it's easy to find presentation equipment that takes your work straight from your computer to the CEO's office. Wireless technology makes it easy to broadcast documents, spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations or even just e-mails to the entire company. It's even easier to set yourself apart from the rest of your coworkers by taking advantage of all the little tools, like laser pointers, that make your presentation more organized and memorable.