Perfect your presentation with a multimedia projector

Since business is no longer only conducted in the office, you have to be prepared to pull out all the stops in any situation to make a great presentation. A multimedia projector is a great tool for combining PowerPoint, spreadsheets, e-mail and image presentations in one production.

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There are many different types of projectors available to help you make the most of your presentation. How much money you can expect to spend depends on the type of projector you choose and the options that you want included. You may want to consider overhead projectors, DLP projectors, LCD projectors and video projectors. Of these common types, DLP and LCD are the latest technologies.

DLP Projectors

While DLP projectors can be used for home entertainment, they are becoming more common in meeting rooms in offices around the world. DLP stands for "digital light processing," and the technology has recently been improved to make the components smaller and easier to include in mobile products. The technology is so commonly used in projectors that it's no longer an overly expensive tool.

The new portability of DLP technology makes it great for the office meeting presentation. The projector required to use the technology is smaller and less intrusive, and can be linked to computers and PDAs so that your presentation is easily accessible. This means that no matter where you have to pull out that presentation, you'll be prepared.

LCD Projector

An LCD (liquid crystal display) projector is a simpler technology than what is found in DLP projectors. Where a DLP projector works with rear projection, an LCD projector is more like an old-fashioned overhead projector, and isn't typically found in the latest home electronics.

Whether going with a DLP projector or an LCD projector, some features you may want to consider include a zoom lens, color correction, contrast, connectivity and number of connection ports, and the video signal.

Projectors are a useful addition to any presentation plan because they can be used in any room and can display information on any flat surface, from a wall to a dry erase board.