Time Clocks

Simplify payroll with employee time clocks

Time clocks are an easy way to keep track of the hours that your employees put in on the job. Installing punch clocks or establishing computerized time clocks can save you time and money, reducing billing errors and simplifying payroll into a single program.

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Payroll time clocks come in different styles and with many different features. Choosing the features you need depends on several factors, such as the size of your company, the number of employees, the types of schedules employees follow and the role of your accounting or human resources department. Some employee time clocks have access control, computerized systems, date and time stamp, PIN entry systems, punch cards, self-totaling and spreadsheet capabilities, shifts, timers and much more.

Punch Clocks

Punch clocks are the traditional time clock in most industries. Fairly low-tech, these time clocks allow employees to clock their hours by punching in and out of work. While the clocks themselves are cheaper than some of the more technologically advanced clocks on the market, you have to take into consideration the money you will spend on punch cards or keys, printouts and maintenance.

Computerized Time Clocks

Computerized time clocks are really convenient for both small and large businesses. All of the payroll processing work is basically done for you! A computerized time clock can keep records of who is working when, total hours worked daily/weekly/monthly/yearly, and it can total payroll into a spreadsheet that's easily accessible when the time comes to process the pay period. Computerized time clocks can be connected to your business phones to create an entire easy-to-access network of information regarding who is in your building and when.

Some computerized time clocks can even be networked with your security system to control access into and out of your building, and within different areas of the building. For enhanced security, you may want to look into biometric clocks, which are similar to a punch clock but use fingerprint scans instead of punch cards. This type of clock prevents workers from clocking in and out for each other and also guarantees security for sensitive areas that should only be accessible to approved employees. Averaging anywhere from $250 to over $1,000, the amount you spend on a computerized time clock will depend on the different features you require and the type of time clock you prefer.

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