Conference Tables

A table for getting down to business

A meeting table is vital to maintain an air of professionalism in conferences, and there are plenty of varieties to choose from. Remember to combine function and style to achieve the best effect; the design of an office can make a great impression, and you can use a conference table to inject a bit of sophistication into a drab space.

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Types of Meeting Tables

Before you choose a meeting table, you will first want to ensure that the table is sized appropriately for your meeting room. Conference room tables should leave enough space for chairs to move back without hitting a wall, but they should be large enough to leave adequate space around each seat. If your meetings will require participants to use laptop computers, look for a meeting table that has individual power outlets or a central power module.

If your board room is relatively small, a rectangular office table might take up too much space. Round conference tables come in various sizes to suit small or large meetings, and their shape will ensure that everybody can easily converse with each other. On the other hand, if your space can support a larger table, look for a rectangular or race track–shaped table that will be able to accommodate a relatively large number of people should the need arise.

Meetings can vary in size, so why shouldn't meeting tables do the same? Modular conference tables will allow you to customize your work surface to suit the size of your meeting and the space that is available to you. Moreover, modules are easy to move around; if your office undergoes any reorganization, a big and bulky conference table will be a pain to relocate.

Conference Table Design

A meeting room will make an impression on clients and employees, so you should consider style as well as functionality when choosing your office equipment. Many conference tables can be purchased as part of a matching office furniture set, but a table with an appealing design that will act as an impressive centerpiece for the room is a great alternative.

The traditional elegance of a solid wood conference table will never go out of style, but for a contemporary twist, consider buying a glass table. Glass conference tables have become a fashionable choice for the modern office; the sleek, clean design can really brighten up a room. Regardless of the material, conference tables can range in price dramatically; a small round table can cost you a couple hundred dollars, while you can spend well over a thousand on a large rectangular table. If your budget is tight, look online for used conference tables—many companies that re-decorate are left with tables that are in great shape, but simply don' t work for their offices anymore.

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