Office Desks

Choose the perfect desk for your workspace

A desk is more than just a work surface; it is an integral part of your workstation. Office desks should have enough space to keep everything neat and organized, they should fit nicely into your office or workspace and they should look great. From a functional computer workstation to a stylish desk set, you can find everything you need to outfit your office with the perfect desk.

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Computer Desks

Every office will need to store documents and equipment somewhere, and storage cabinets are often the answer to the storage issue. However, if your office space is simply too small for these cabinets, look for a desk that has a few handy drawers attached. The drawers will be both convenient and accessible, as long as you ensure that there is enough room for a chair to fit comfortably under the desk.

If your first design priority is to save space, then you will love the benefits of a corner desk. These types of computer desks are growing in popularity (as a spacious office can be hard to come by these days), yet they are still functional. In fact, since a computer monitor can be tucked rather neatly into a corner, this type of desk will free up quite a bit of space that would otherwise go unused. On the contrary, if you prefer a good-looking desk that will fit in nicely with a clean and modern office design, look into a glass computer desk—you can choose from a clear or frosted glass surface, and a variety of sizes.

Executive Desks

A well-designed desk can go far to create a professional appearance, which will help to impress your clients and project an air of authority in your workplace. An executive desk that is designed around these features will be sleek and sizeable, whether it is made of wood, glass or a composite material. In fact, many executive desks are large enough to double as conference tables, which will work well in an office that hosts several meetings.

To really create a professional statement, look for a desk set that will go nicely with your chosen executive desk. A desk set typically consists of a leather desk pad to provide a smooth writing surface, a business card holder, a cup for pencil and pens and a letter tray. Go with a three-piece desk set for a simple yet elegant statement, or opt for an impressive 16-piece set if you want the ultimate in organization and coordination. Most desk sets are constructed out of good quality leather, but eco-friendly desk sets are becoming popular choices, as well.

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