Office Partitions

How to separate your office space

If your office is one wide open space, it will be difficult to maintain an ordered and diligent working environment without office partitions. Partitions for the office can come in a variety of styles, from simple modular panels to glass walls that reach from the floor to the ceiling. Depending on the degree of privacy and transportability you require in your office, you can opt for cubicles or create free standing, fully-enclosed rooms.

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Types of Office Partitions

The function of an office partition is typically two-fold: it should provide some degree of privacy, and it should shield noise. The simplest (and often cheapest) variety is the cubicle, which is constructed out of panels and can be customized by adding or removing those panels. Cubicles are types of modular office partitions, and since they can be moved and removed easily, they are popular choices for many offices that need to reconfigure their workspaces.

Other portable office partitions can be constructed out of canvas, vinyl or cork and are often on wheels to allow for easy mobility. Many of these partitions can double as display boards for notes, or a dry erase board for presentations. Usually one large panel, a portable office partition is great for spaces that need to be rearranged frequently, but will provide very little in the way of privacy and noise reduction.

If you need to ensure a high degree of privacy, consider using floor-to-ceiling partitions to break up workspaces. These can be made of cloth, vinyl or glass, and can be used to form free-standing offices or simply divide a space in half. Glass partitions are both functional and stylish, but will obviously offer less privacy than a cloth partition; overcome the lack of privacy by hanging venetian blinds on each panel.

Choosing an Office Partition

Of the several factors that will determine which partition is most appropriate for your workspace, portability is the most important. Consider how often you will need to rearrange your office: Do you plan on bringing in more employees in the near future? How about reorganizing your business departments? If you think you'll be moving things around, go for a portable partition system.

Price will also factor into your decision, and partitions can range enormously in price. Many people consider glass partitions to be one of the best-looking varieties, but they can be pricey. If you still need to purchase equipment like computers and conference tables, you may want to start with cheap partitions and replace them when you can afford to do so. There are several companies that specialize in selling used office partitions at a reasonable price; look online to find a good deal on cubicles and other modular systems.