Trade Show Booths

Guide to trade show displays

Trade shows provide an opportunity for businesses to showcase their goods or services and network with potential clients, partners and employees. They are an important part of remaining in the forefront of any industry.

The key to a successful trade show appearance is an attractive, professional trade show display booth. This is the first thing most attendees will see, and it is likely the thing they will remember. It is what will entice people to talk to you and learn more about your business. Trade show booths can be rented, but there are several advantages to owning your own trade show display.

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Advantages of Owning Trade Show Displays

The main advantage of trade show booth ownership over trade show booth rental is that the booth can be custom-made to your specifications. There are many companies specializing in trade show booth design and construction, and they can help you create a booth that not only showcases your company's best qualities but also attracts attention in its design.

Of course, the one drawback of owning a trade show booth instead of renting a booth at the show is that you have to transport the booth to the trade shows. However, with today's lightweight, durable materials, you can get a portable trade show booth that's easy to travel with. This will require an investment up front, but depending on the number of trade shows you attend, it will likely be cheaper in the long run than renting a booth at each and every show. Plus, certain elements of the booth can remain in place, making set up and take down quicker and easier.

What to Look for in a Trade Show Booth

The most important thing to look for in a trade show booth is portability and durability. You're going to have to transport this booth to the shows, so it needs to be easy to pack up and move, and it needs to be able to withstand the bumps and jostles of travelling.

Of course, the second most important thing is design. A trade show booth needs to showcase your business—it should draw people in to learn more about your products or services and your organization. The whole point of trade shows is to network, so you will need to get people to come to your booth in order to do this.

The biggest hurdle most businesses have to overcome is the cost of designing and building a trade show booth. Purchasing and redesigning a used trade show booth can help alleviate this cost. If you do decide to get a brand-new booth, get quotes from a number of different companies. Make sure you're clear about the size and shape of the display you want and the materials you want it made from. This will ensure that you're comparing quotes for the same product.

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