Business Cards

Get an eye-catching business card

Business cards have been a part of business and personal life since Victorian times – people would leave a calling card when dropping in on acquaintances and friends. Much like that old custom, business cards today tell your clients who you are and what you represent. Your business cards need to be clear and appealing so that when you hand them out to potential customers or clients, you're guaranteed to get a callback.

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Choosing the Right Business Card Design

The first thing to know before you design your business card is where you will be distributing it. Many people go with a clear logo, name, phone number and address, but others choose to also provide a photo of themselves on their card so that people will remember them. If you are often giving out your cards at conventions, job fairs or other places where you meet a lot of people in a short time, a photo may be a good thing to have on your business card. If you are giving them to potential clients, vendors or companies you meet with and want to work with, however, a photo probably isn't necessary.

Choose a business card design company that understands your needs. Sit down with them and have them provide some design ideas and a potential estimate of how much your cards will cost to design and print. Once you have settled on a design, you may be able to get discounts depending on how many business cards you're ordering, the cost of the graphics and whether or not you are using colors.

As well as business cards, many companies have business card holders designed that can be given as corporate gifts or provided to employees. This may also be an option for your potential clients or deserving employees. Some companies also create and give out a kind of giant business card that their customers can see every day, by having their card design put on computer mouse pads.

Design DIY with a Business Card Template

You may prefer to design your card yourself using a business card template. While there are many options out there, many of which are professional and eye-catching, it's important that your card fits the image you want to portray. While you may be attracted to a cute or funny design for your card, if that's not the image your business wants to project, then it's a waste of money. Professional-looking cards will guarantee a higher number of callbacks.

Business card printing and design is an important part of your company's self-promotion. Make sure that you choose a great design for your card so that you and your business will be positively remembered.