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One of the most important parts of a business today is its ability to effectively handle ingoing and outgoing communication, and a mailroom remains an important hub of information and commerce. E-mails are replacing a lot of printed letters, but physical documents and packages still need to be sent to different clients and businesses, both within the country and overseas, and a mailroom allows a business to keep that communication organized and delivered on time, every time.

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Choosing mailroom equipment is important – you want to be able to create a packaging system that is efficient and organized, and that accurately tracks incoming and outgoing mail. Mailroom sorters and postal machines allow you to keep on budget with postage and weight and avoid wasting your business's valuable financial resources.

Equipment That Makes Shipping Boxes and Packages Easy

Essentials that you will need in your mailroom include:

  • A mailroom sorting table comes complete with shelves and a large counter space to make sorting mail easy and neat. Shelves can be labeled with people's names and either horizontal or vertical to fit into your space.
  • A mail-packaging station is great for assembling letters and packages. It can fit into a corner or lie flush against a wall. There are spaces for packing materials like bubble wrap, shipping boxes and packaging tape, allowing you to organize your supplies without ruining or losing any of them, which can also cost money.
  • A label organizer allows you to load shipping labels and address labels into a machine (which can be electronic or manual) so that they can easily be applied to letters or packages. This can cut down on the time and effort required to label a number of letters at once. Some label organizers also work in cooperation with label printers.
  • Addressing equipment and software will save you a lot of time and effort if your business does large-scale mailing. Addresses and marketing messages are automatically printed onto any size of envelope, on equipment that can handle thousands of envelopes per hour.
  • A postage scale helps you measure postage for your mail by weighing the package or letter, and then stamping it accordingly.

Often a good filing system is important to an efficient mailroom – knowing what is coming in and going out will help you keep track of your communication and file important papers and letters.

A well-run mailroom is essential to a well-run business. Make sure that your mailroom is organized and contains the right equipment for your company's needs.

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