Organize for success

One of the keys to success for any well-run business is that it is organized. An organizer can keep you from missing calls, meetings and other appointments, and it can help you determine payroll and accounting by keeping track of your employees, their work hours and their projects. While some people prefer a ledger-style organizer that can be written in by hand, many current business organizers are online, making it easier to multitask and stay on top of everything from bill deadlines and payroll to important appointments with clients.

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High-Tech Personal Organizers

Personal organizers can be found in many different online platforms, but some of the best are ones made for the BlackBerry or other handheld devices and cell phones. These electronic personal organizer systems allow you to take your schedule on the go with you to different meetings and appointments, and get notifications of important e-mails and reminders about deadlines. You can get applications for these devices, or you can hook your device up to your work's e-mail system to have your information transferred directly to your phone. Some organizers, like the Sharp personal organizer, are physical devices you carry with you and that operate separately from your computer or phone. This option works well for places like airplanes and cars, where you may not always have Internet service.

Other Day Planners, Day Timers and Business Organizers

Other personal organizers include day planners and day timers. These are typically books that you can write in, but you can also obtain electronic programs that show your day in a calendar setting and provide reminders so you don't miss any important events.

Organizing doesn't have to stop at your business events, however; you can also organize your desk and drawers to make it easy to find important office supplies and papers. Inboxes, drawer organizers and file systems help you keep your business in order and help you to pull your important documents quickly when you want them.

A well-run business is a well-organized business. Check out the organizers online and in your local telecommunications or office supply store to find an organization solution that will work for you.