Paper Shredders

What to look for in a shredder

Paper shredders are an important part of any business. Their purpose is to destroy personal, confidential and sensitive information. Confidentiality is very important to a well-run business, especially if you are dealing with information that should be kept private. A paper shredder allows you to dispose of that information easily and securely without the risk of anyone seeing it and potentially using or sharing it inappropriately.

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Office Paper Shredders

Every company has documents that it doesn't need to hold on to anymore, but that contain sensitive information; for example, old financial statements. Shredding is the perfect solution for this common situation.

Your office's paper-shredding needs depend on the size of your company and on the volume of print correspondence your company exchanges. One type you might consider is the cross cut paper shredder, which cuts the paper in two directions as it shreds, for added security.

Industrial Paper Shredders

Industrial paper shredders are often custom-made for your business and can shred a much higher volume than the paper shredders purchased at office supply stores. These are quality shredders that can handle a reasonable amount of paper at one time. The industrial type works better for mid- to large-sized businesses and is often more than just a paper shredder: many industrial shredders can also shred things like CDs and badges, if necessary.

Fellowes paper shredders and Destroyit paper shredders are both brands that have a variety of quality shredders for any task. These brands have small desk-side shredders, mid-sized one-to-five-person shredders and even shredders for government personnel to use when shredding the most confidential documents. They also have a reassuring 100 percent guarantee against anything becoming jammed in the shredder – if only fax machines and copiers came with the same promise.

Having a shredder is critical if you have a business, work in an office or just want to keep all your personal information confidential. Security should be a top priority in a business setting, and there is always sensitive information you'll want to keep private or safe from identity theft. Do your research to choose from the wide variety of paper shredders available, and you'll find one to accommodate your needs and the needs of your office.