Cash Registers

Count on success with an electronic cash register

An important part of a business is the point-of-sale system, which processes payment and also sends information to a database, keeping track of the inventory as well as cash flow. However, for smaller businesses, an entire POS system may be overkill and extremely expensive, so simple cash registers are a better option. One electronic cash register can still process payment efficiently while saving the business some money and keeping accurate records of the day's sales.

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Choosing a Cash Register

Choosing a cash register for your business will depend on your needs. Some considerations that you may want to think about include:

  • What sort of taxes will you need to calculate when processing payment?
  • How many departments and products are in your store, and how does your database process them?
  • How big is your store, and how many terminals will you need?

These questions can be answered by looking at your customer volume and product information. Once you have chosen some POS equipment, it's time to look at the types of cash drawers available.

Electronic cash registers include a printer and keypad, and they calculate taxes and simple addition for the cashier. They are easy to use and require only a working knowledge of money. This can be a good option for small businesses where the owner or an employee is running the cash. Simple cash registers can also be programmed to work with credit card readers.

If your business is bigger, you may want to consider a cash register POS system. This allows you to hook several cash registers up at once using a common cash register software system. This system will synchronize information to the database and customer bank, to accurately track sales and cash flow so that there is no discrepancy between cash registers.

You can buy cash registers from retailers, but a great place to get them is from an expanding business or from liquidators. Often, you can get barely-used hardware for less than $200 per register, which is great for a start-up business.

Choosing a register can be a challenging process, but doing your research and recognizing your business needs can keep it simple and inexpensive.

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