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Most consumers pay using plastic these days, and a good retail business recognizes that fact. Customers want to be able to pay the way they want to for products and services rendered, so a good tool when buying retail equipment is to invest in a credit card machine. Credit card machines incorporate a magnetic card reader and often a printer, which makes it easier to print receipts and send information to your POS system.

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Choosing Credit Card Terminals

There are many kinds of payment terminals to choose from, and the best one for you will depend on your business. If you have a retail business with several cash registers, choosing regular credit card processing machines that are wired to your POS system is likely the way to go. These have simple displays and keypads, and normally cost much less than their wireless counterparts.

However, if you have a business that requires you to walk around to customers (such as a restaurant), then wireless credit card machines are a better idea. This allows you to send information wirelessly to your POS to keep track of sales and inventory, but allows you to serve customers in comfort and avoid long, awkward lineups. There are pros and cons to both systems; for example, one con to having a wireless system is that the connection may not always be stable. However, most wireless credit card systems have a strong Bluetooth connection or another wireless connection, which makes this problem rare.

When choosing merchant credit card machines, you need to remember that these providers will charge a fee to allow businesses to use them for purchases. This may not be a big deal if your business does a lot of sales in a day, but for smaller businesses, even a few cents per sale can add up. This is a big factor in considering whether you want to invest in credit card processing terminals. Other factors to consider include battery life (if you are going wireless), range, weight and shock resistance. You will also want to ask your credit card machine provider what sort of repair and support is provided.

Choosing a credit card machine can make your business a lot more efficient and your customers happier; however, ensure you do your research before choosing one.

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